How to hire a local fire and water damage restoration service?
Jaxon Steelwood 2 Aug 0

Understanding the Need for Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Engaging in a game of chance with Mother Nature isn't always the best bet. One day, the skies may be clear and inviting, the next, your beloved abode might be facing the wrath of the elements. In Portland, this is an all-too-routine course of events. Fire and water damage can prove to be two of the most challenging disasters homeowners can face. Let's say, a little while back, yours truly, Jaxon, woke up to the shrill sound of the smoke alarm. Thought it was Martina's casserole getting a bit too excited in the oven, but oh boy, was I wrong! That's a 40% chance story right there!

What was once my den was now a scene from a disaster movie - the walls bore the brunt of fire and were additionally waterlogged due to the firefighting efforts. That was the first time I understood the importance of restoration services. It essentially became a crash-course in dealing with fire and water damage restoration businesses. So why mull over teardrops in our lemonade when we can tap from this bittersweet experience?

Finding the Right Service Provider

Now let me tell you guys, gone are the days when the yellow pages was your only friend. Today, the world virtually rests in your palms. But validating the credibility of these local services requires more than just a Google search. Getting to grips with online reviews, customer ratings, and licensure are fundamental aspects when hiring the right fire and water damage restoration service. Wouldn't want someone armed with just a mop and bucket tackling my disaster-ridden den, would we?

Then again, recalling my incident, the urgency, the aftermath, I remember putting on my Inspector Gadget hat and meticulously scanning through the Better Business Bureau. Following up with respective insurance companies is also an invaluable step. It significantly raises the likelihood of securing a thoroughly equipped, efficient, and skilled restoration service that can match your prerequisites.

The Importance of Certification

Imagine hiring someone, and then on the day of restoring your damaged property, you find out they are just a bunch of weekend warriors? That wouldn't exactly bolster your confidence, now would it? The importance of validating certifications and accreditations of the restoration service provider cannot be underscored enough.

My pals at the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) duly send certified and accredited professionals committed to following high-quality standards. When we experienced the damages, it was the certified professionals who accurately assessed, restored, and breathed life back into our torched and soaked home. It's also worth noting that an IICRC certification can expedite the insurance claims process as well.

Knowing What to Ask

When hiring a fire and water damage restoration service, it's essential to know what questions to ask. The service provider's response level, the modus operandi during 'out of hours', their capacity to handle the extent of your disaster, are all integral points to consider. Inquiring about their emergency response time and how soon they can start the restoration work can give you an idea about their service level.

Trust me, inquiring isn't being nosy, it's being pragmatic! To illustrate - when my home was under siege by fire and water, our hired professionals were prompt and methodically addressed all our concerns. They were transparent about the restoration process, the expected timeline, and the costs. That level of transparency helped alleviate our worries to a great extent. Plus, knowing what their services included and excluded upfront helped set clear expectations and prevented potential misunderstandings later on.

To sum up, dealing with fire and water damage can be a daunting proposition. But finding the right restoration service is half the battle won. Arming yourself with knowledge and acting on it diligently can help restore your house to its former glory, sans anxiety. Now that you are privy to some of Jaxon's best restoration hiring secrets - Fire, water, or an army of termites, bring it on, Mother Nature!